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The Team

Lynne Colley

I did speech and drama at school and had a brilliant teacher who made it all a lot of fun. After I left, I didn’t think about it again until 20+ years later, when my son took part in Haddenham’s Millennium Pageant.  I joined Haddenham Players with him and was in ‘Our Day Out’ by Willy Russell, which involved lots of children.  At the end of it they wanted to do more and so HYT was born. That was 15 years ago and a lot of youngsters have come and gone since then. Each one brings something different to the party and it has been great fun to work with them all.

I had speech and drama lessons at school with a brilliant teacher who made it all a lot of fun. After I left, I didn’t think about it again until 20+ years later, when my son took part in Haddenham’s Millennium Pageant.  I joined Haddenham Players with him and was in a play that involved lots of children.  At the end of it they wanted to do more and so HYT was born.  I remember the fun I’d had and hope we can replicate it in the Youth Theatre.
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Andy Bedwell
Chair/Stage Manager
I became involved with HYT when my son Dan joined in 2013. I started stacking a few chairs at the end of the performance and have gradually got more and more involved through the years. I love the energy and enthusiasm from the kids and it has been great to watch them develop as individuals and friends within the group. As Chair of the management committee, I love working with a motivated group of adults to bring the performances to life.

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Angie Oakley
Senior Group Leader
When my daughter started with HYT, because it was that bit too far to drive home and back in the hour, I sat (unbeknown to the group) in the car with a coffee and my book. When winter came I went inside and sat in a corner. That lasted about 2 weeks before I asked if I could help... I was prompt for juniors for 5 years. Now I have two daughters in the senior group so I am prompt for the seniors, and the assistant producer, as well as being a member of the management committee

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Guy Redshaw


Since moving into the village about five years ago, I have really enjoyed life outside the M25.

My daughter has performed in all the shows and really enjoys the experience.  I already run the '1st Haddenham Scout Group' and look forward to helping the 'Haddenham Youth Theatre' in whatever role is needed - I enjoyed being a stage hand for the last two productions . Guy has taken on the role of Secretary. 

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Niki Zijderveld
Costumes/Safeguarding Lead
Both my children get so much out of HYT that I wanted to give something back.

My husband and I started helping out on the bar in 2013, which he now runs. Since then I have joined the committee and last year i took on the role sourcing costumes for the senior play of Alice in Wonderland. It's a pleasure working with such a great bunch of people.

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Charles Simpson

 A weekly production of cakes and a kitchen knee deep in flour may seem unrelated but when my daughter joined HYT several years ago and until her departure for Uni., (I call it kitchen reclamation), she baked sustenance for cast and crew. She misses HYT. My youngest son continues to have a ball. Where else would you find a teenager keen to see the start of term? All ages love it. As Treasurer I am now lucky enough to rub shoulders with others committed to the children’s enjoyment of HYT.

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Sam Hall

My daughter joined HYT Juniors a year ago and has had great fun and

gained so much confidence. I could see how much hard work the committee put into making it all happen and so I recently decided to get involved and give a hand. I'm looking forward to being part of the team.

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Fiona Simpson
Fund Raising
My son and daughter have been members of HYT over the past 6 years and have both loved every minute.  I joined the committee in 2016 as the behind the scenes work looked fascinating (and a lot of fun)  and I wanted to help such a talented, dedicated group.  I have taken on the fund raising role for this year.

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Heather Moore
Governance lead

My eldest started at HYT 6 years ago and has since been joined by her two brothers.  All 3 have gained so much confidence and benefit from the friendship of young people of different ages and backgrounds.  I felt that with all 3 taken off my hands on a Monday evening, I should repay the favour, so recently joined the committee, taking on responsibility for writing and updating the policies. I am an English teacher, specialising in SEN and love the theatre, so thoroughly enjoy seeing the children blossom and develop into fabulous young people when they leave.

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