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"Haddenham Youth Theatre is 16 years old this year! We are a non-profit making organisation and welcome young people between the ages of 8 and 18 from Haddenham and the local area. We welcome members from all backgrounds - HYT is a place for everyone not just a select few. We are a very informal bunch with an emphasis on team working and having fun. We aren’t looking for talented actors particularly – just people who think it might be fun to take part in the plays we produce. We do one big production in January each year and everyone, who wants one, has a speaking part (maybe a small one) in every play, but if you would prefer just to be part of the chorus – that's fine too.
We currently have three groups - Juniors (School Years 4-6), Inbetweeners (School Years 7-8) and Seniors (School Years 9+), with almost 50 members. We meet in Haddenham Youth and Community Centre on Monday evenings." 

Lynne Colley


Whilst, we aren’t looking to create budding stars, we try to support HYT members develop new skills, to help them get the most out of taking part in their productions.  We put on few workshops each year, run by industry professionals, which cover all sorts of things from stage fighting to makeup!  The workshop creates a fun environment to take the participants away from the normal rehearsal schedules and teaches them something new with someone experienced in the subject, and helps them achieve a specific goal. We've had some amazing workshops this year including bollywood dance, musical theatre ,circus skills and puppetry.


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